How to Sell a House: Your Complete Checklist

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How to Sell a House: Your Complete Checklist

Nov 1, 2021 | For Sellers, Real Estate Advice | 1 comment

March 2023

Wondering how to sell a house but not quite sure where to get started? Our checklist will provide a complete guide for you to check off as you get started on this important step in your life.

How to Sell a House: Your Complete Checklist

Increase Your Curb Appeal

They say first impressions are everything, and that holds true when it comes to selling your house. A little bit of landscaping can go a long way in impressing potential buyers when they first arrive at your property. Fresh paint for your door and a few flowers will also ensure the selling process gets started on the right foot.

Declutter Your Property

You want to show off all of the potential that your property has when you’re trying to sell it so that its full value can be recognized. While the house may currently be set up the way you like it, it’s important to put that aside to show the house at its best. Consider opening up space in the house by either selling a few excess things or temporarily storing them.

Remove Personal Touches From Your Space

When showing off your property to potential buyers, it’s important that you create a space that the person who may be occupying the house can imagine themselves in. You can reduce distractions by removing any décor that is personal to you, and painting the walls neutral colors so that they can imagine their own color schemes.


Add Some Life To The Presentation

Staging may or may not be necessary to show your house at its best, but one thing you may want to consider is adding a few decorative touches. When considering how to sell a house, even just adding a few potted plants or flowers around the house can bring some color and life that make it more attractive.


Perform Necessary Maintenance

Fix your place up a little bit in order to present the best possible showing for anyone interested in buying your house. Small steps like fixing up loose door handles or touching up scuff marks on the molding or walls will go a long way towards attracting buyers.


Conceal Your Valuables

One thing to remain aware of during the selling process is that not everybody you do business with may be trustworthy. Take precautionary steps to ensure your safety, including putting away jewelry, collectibles, or other property at risk of theft during a showing. Doing so is one step you can take to stop a bad situation before it arises.


Find a Trusted Realtor to Work With

Some people prefer selling a home on their own to avoid paying a realtor. However, navigating the many different factors that go into selling your home alone can be a daunting prospect. In most cases, you can find a realtor who can make the process easy for you and do it at a reasonable price.

Because selling your home is a complex decision that will have an important impact on your life and finances, finding the right realtor is absolutely crucial. Our intelligent search system will help you find a realtor that is a perfect match for your needs. Visit Search for a Realtor now and get the help you need!

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